Vision 21 Middle Management Development Programme

What does Vision21 offer individuals and services?

Vision21 commenced in October 2016 and has since become Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s in-house middle management programme aimed at band 7 and above managers. The programme is intended to promote performance and enhance the talent of middle managers in order to future proof services and the quality of care provided.

This Programme is designed for managers across all divisions of the organisation at the relevant grades (above) who directly manage team(s) / service(s).

Delegates of Vision21 will be in sight of the Executive Leadership Team who will also be involved in sponsoring individuals’ development throughout the Programme.

The Programme is underpinned by the Middle Management Competency Framework designed to equip individuals for the challenges and change ahead as a Health and Social Care Economy. These are as follows:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ambassadors for Change
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Effective Performance Manager
  • Resource Management

In preparation for the Vision21 journey there are a number of diagnostics that delegates are asked to complete to gain a better understanding of themselves as a manager and to develop upon throughout the programme. The programme will commence with 2 Discovery Days. During which the pre-completed diagnostics will be reviewed and explored in more detail along with other activities and guest speakers.

Monthly formal learning workshops covering the domains of the Middle Management Competency Framework are held and small Coaching Learning Sets are formed and continued on a monthly basis for the duration of the programme. They are intended to help support and embed positive changes in practice - converting concepts from formal learning into reality. Each delegate will have the opportunity to work directly with an external coach on a one-to-one basis. This is intended to be a collaborative, solution-focussed process which enhances work performance and personal growth.

Delegates will then undertake a short placement outside their immediate service area. The purpose of this is to gain a greater insight into unfamiliar areas of the Health and Social Care Economy in order to enhance wider integration of services. They are encouraged to consider other Health and Social Care Partners within Nottinghamshire and even further afield if relevant.

They are also required to liaise with their line manager to identify a quality improvement project to focus on throughout the programme; this should be an area of work which supports the Trust’s strategic vision but also encompasses their own personal development areas.

There will be an opportunity to participate in a Talent Management Conversation with an Associate Director or Deputy at some point during the programme. This is to help match the aspirations of managers with the ambition of the Organisation in order to future-proof our management capability.

This is a programme designed to develop professional capability and will rely on active participation. A strong emphasis on the application of theory to practice and work is required between sessions.

If you have any questions about the programme or would like to discuss in more detail please e-mail the OD Consultancy Team: