The National Care Certificate Programme

What is the National Care Certificate Programme?

The Human Resources, Learning & Development and Equality & Diversity Directorate runs the cohorts of a large scale, professional development programme, delivered over several months.

The National Care Certificate Programme is designed for clinical staff currently in post at a Band 2-4. It is a programme both for all staff who fulfil this criteria and who work in the Forensic Services and Local Partnerships Divisions of the Trust.

The Programme follows the successful model of the highly regarded Invest to Lead Programme and Clinical Leadership Development Programme, and builds on the principles of the Professional Conduct Guide for non-registered clinical staff.

The Programme will focus on developing the four principles of the Professional Conduct Guide:

  • Principle One: Make the care of people your first priority
  • Principle Two: Work with others to protect and prompt the health and wellbeing of patients, service users, their families, carers and the wider community
  • Principle Three: Provide a high standard of practice and care at all time
  • Principle Four: Be open, honest and act with integrity


Purpose of the Programme

The purpose of the Programme is to further develop the areas identified following significant scale consultation in November 2013 at ‘Influencing the Professional Development Programme for Clinical Bands 2-4’ launch event which will appear as part of the programme itself:

  • Exploring your own value base
  • Understanding the organisation we work for and its values
  • Your career pathway and personal development planning
  • Keeping well (resilience)
  • Managing clinical information and effective documentation
  • Working in a team
  • Boundaries and safeguarding

The Programme will rely on active participation and the application of theory to practice. Some work is required between sessions, but the emphasis will be on practical application with learning and development supported by facilitation.


Who exactly is the Professional Development Programme for?

Any clinical band 2-4 employees of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust in a position to influence positive change.  Band 2-4 clinicians from all backgrounds and roles are invited to apply.

Application is based on an individual basis but we are aware that peers in similar geographical locations may apply and this is welcomed.

For further information about the National Care Certificate please email: