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Recovery and wellbeing

Nottinghamshire Healthcare is a national leader in the Recovery agenda. Our aim is for every interaction to be positive, person-centred and compassionate and to inspire hope and confidence in the possibility of Recovery.

For this to be a reality, all staff need access to information, education, challenging debate, positive role models and Recovery-focused supervision.

Recovery means different things to different people; it reflects what is possible, what we want from life, what we need to do to achieve it and what sort of support might help us.

The L&OD Department has supported the Recovery & Wellbeing agenda since the Trust’s first Recovery Strategy in 2009 and we have a dedicated Recovery and Wellbeing Team. All the team members are open about having personal lived experiences of mental health difficulties and/or using services.

Our aim is for everything we provide to be co-produced, and we work with various people who have relevant interests, experience or expertise when developing our recovery and wellbeing activities.

As the hosts of the national ImROC initiative (Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change), we are proud that several team members are also registered as ImROC consultants.

We also support our service users who are interested in becoming peer support workers.

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