Preceptorship Development Programme

What is the Preceptorship Development Programme?

The Preceptorship Development Programme is a series of Preceptorship Development days that are facilitated in the classroom and are an important part of the preceptees overall preceptorship. The programme content is co designed by Learning and Organisational Development and clinical colleagues from both Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and CityCare Partnerships.

The programme offers preceptees time during their preceptorship year to reflect on and share professional work place issues during peer led action learning sets in a supportive and productive learning environment.


Who are the development days for and are they mandatory?

The programme is for all Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals who are in a period of Preceptorship and is designed to complement and dovetail with bespoke local preceptorship programmes provided by clinical teams and services. They are not mandatory however the development days are important parts of preceptorship so strong encouragement is given for preceptees to attend all of the days.


What is the overall aim of the development days and how do preceptees benefit from them?

The aim of the Preceptorship Development days is to give preceptees protected time out of clinical practice to explore and discuss issues relating to their practice in addition to hearing from a wide range of experienced clinical and non-clinical staff.

The programme covers a range of subjects to include core topics as recommended by Health Education England (2015). These are relevant to every clinicians every day practice.

During the course of the programme preceptees will be talking and hearing about the following core topics:

  • Team Working
  • Communication
  • Resilience
  • Challenging conversations and how to manage them
  • Accountability
  • Delivering Safe Care
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Quality Improvement
  • Safe Staffing and Raising Concerns
  • Career Development


What does a Preceptorship Development day offer?

Each development day provides valuable opportunities for preceptees to discuss how they are doing and reflect on issues relating to their day to day practice and experiences through facilitated action learning sets. The action learning sets are a fundamental element of the development days encouraging open discussions that enable preceptees to share experience and help each other to identify actions for practice with the support of an experienced facilitator.

The intention is that preceptees will be able to identify what they need in terms of continued development to ensure that they are prepared for the many different scenarios that they have or will encounter in their practice.


Reflections from 2017 & 2018 preceptees

‘This programme is beneficial for newly qualified as it helps people to grow. It should continue for the coming years as it helps reduce stress levels at work’

‘It reminded me that despite work pressures, I am still a NQN who needs support to become a confident practitioner.’

‘The group participated openly and honestly & shared their learning with each other. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I am not newly qualified just new to post. I do wish this programme was available when I qualified. It has been a very well designed course and nicely spaced out so you can meet the same people again on your table to see progression.’

‘Action learning sets- good to realise that I am not the only one thinking/feeling certain things’

‘It has given me support and made being newly qualified less scary’

‘It has given me encouragement, got support from my peers’

‘It has exceeded my expectations. I loved the talks on the strategies, leadership, recovery, healthy balance and senior leader talks’.

For further information about Preceptorship at Nottinghamshire Healthcare please contact Lisa Stewart: