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Peer Support

At Nottinghamshire Healthcare, our goal is for everyone using our services to have the opportunity to receive support from a peer support worker who has lived experience of mental health challenges, either personally or through acting as a carer.

Our peer support workers draw on their own experiences to offer empathy and hope to others on their recovery journey, and they work in a number of teams throughout our inpatient and community services. 

Peer support acknowledges people with lived experience as the experts they are in their own recovery, and by respecting their experiences we can enhance services for both staff and the people using them.


Peer support training

Our peer support training course equips individuals with the skills and techniques necessary to become a peer support worker. Trainees learn how to share their story in a way that feels safe, how to actively listen and about non-directive approaches to problem-solving.

The course involves group tasks, a work placement and personal reflection, supporting trainees to draw on their lived experiences and their new skills to provide support to others.


Peer support development

Peer supporters are not only important to our clients, they also benefit the teams in which they work and the Trust as a whole. Employing peer support workers reinforces the message that we value people with lived experience, and that these experiences are to be celebrated.

We work with teams and individuals to identify new jobs and opportunities for peer support and peer support workers, both paid and unpaid, across all clinical services, and to ensure that the roles are sustainable within the current and future service development.

To find out more about peer support email: or visit the Nottinghamshire Healthcare website