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Integrated Clinical Skills

Helping our clinicians to acquire, refresh and further develop their clinical skills is a core part of our support for this group of staff.


Registered professionals

The diversity of service delivery across Nottinghamshire Healthcare, including physical healthcare, mental healthcare and learning disabilities, allows us to provide training that supports development across a range of disciplines and enables registered professionals to work to the top of their licence. We have a strong focus on recovery and wellbeing, trauma-informed working practices and clinical interventions.


Non-registered clinical staff

We also offer non-registered clinical staff the opportunity to develop enhanced clinical skills. We deliver a range of first level training and higher level clinical training, including clinical assessment, advanced care, integrated care and specialist knowledge. Courses are delivered internally and in partnership with our university colleagues.


Academic funding

Many clinical colleagues develop further clinical skills through practical and academic attainment with local universities, by utilising funding that might pay for individual clinical modules or whole academic pathways.

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