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Developing your career

We want all our staff to have rewarding and fulfilling careers with us, and are committed to supporting them to develop and grow. 

Developing the right skills and capacity across our workforce to meet future needs is embedded in both our Clinical Strategy and our People and Culture Strategy, which recognise that we need to offer the right opportunities to help staff maximise their potential. 

By nurturing talent and having a robust approach to succession planning, we can maintain the right level of skills and experience within our workforce – and offer the best career opportunities.

We provide a number of training courses to support staff in their careers, including Leadership and Management trainingcore skills and progression training including the National Care Certificateintegrated clinical skills training and apprenticeships.

We are also developing new roles that offer growth opportunities and we are a leading employer of nursing associates and peer support workers. Other newly-developed roles include physician associates, non-medical responsible clinicians, advanced clinical practitioners, non-medical prescribers, non-social worker approved mental health practitioners, associate practitioners and nurse therapists. 


Academic opportunities

We are proud to have excellent connections and agreements in place with local universities, which include supporting our training delivery and offering our staff the opportunity to sign up for academic courses. The universities we link with include:

We have ‘progression points’ in place for band 2 and 3 staff, which act as a framework to guide us and ensure we work with individuals who reach each point to understand their career aspirations and how we can help them achieve them. We are also developing progression points for bands 5 and 6 to further support our ongoing work to help our staff develop their careers.