Clinical Skills Education


Clinical Skills Education is a suite of training that is designed to develop the knowledge and clinical skills of healthcare staff who are employed mainly in clinical Bands 2, 3 & 4 roles. Please note that some masterclasses offer training for both registered and non-registered clinical staff.

Healthcare staff desiring to participate in Clinical Skills Education training will already be working as part of a healthcare team and have a role and responsibilities in providing care and treatment for patients with long term conditions in the community and inpatient settings.



The aim of Clinical Skills Education training is to provide educational opportunities for the development of knowledge and skills through a combination of theory based masterclasses and work based learning.

Masterclasses are facilitated by expert clinicians from within the Trust and provide the underpinning evidence based information for current best practice.

Learners will gain a good understanding of physiology of chronic long terms conditions and be able to identify the holistic care that patients/service users require to manage these conditions.

Following this the learner will work towards achieving competency assessed skills relevant to their role and responsibilities. They will be mentored in the work place by a registered practitioner who will provide guidance, observation and supervision to enable the learner to enhance their skills and deliver safe evidence based practice.


Learning Outcomes

  • To increase knowledge and understanding in the physiology of chronic long term conditions
  • To be able to identify the holistic needs of patients with long term conditions
  • To be able to carry out appropriate clinical tasks competently and safely



Masterclasses Duration Who is this training for Additional requirements
Neurological Care Full day Bands 2,3,4  
Palliative Care Full day Bands 2,3,4  
Learning Disabilities Awareness   Bands 2,3,4  
Infection Prevention Control incl Sepsis Awareness   Bands 2,3,4  
Nutrition for Health   Bands 2,3,4  
Promotion of Continence* Full day Bands 2,3,4 *Bands 2,3 & 4 must book onto both promotion of continence & Management of Incontinence masterclasses
Management of Incontinence* Full day Bands 2,3,4  
Catheterisation**   Bands 3 & 4 **Infection Prevention Control training must be in date, Promotion of Continence and Management of Incontinence must be attended prior to attending catheterisation training
Mental Health Awareness   Bands 2,3,4  
Respiratory Care   Bands 2,3,4  
Medicines Management   Bands 2,3,4  
Physical Observations   Bands 2,3,4  
Leg Ulcer Management   Bands 3 & 4 Learners will be required to complete the 186 - Lower Leg treatment and management (E-Learning) package on ESR prior to attending the study day
Pressure Ulcer Prevention*   All Registered & Non Registered clinical staff Staff can access just the pressure ulcer in the morning or the wound care in the afternoon if they don’t need to do both.
Wound Care*   All Registered & Non Registered clinical staff  

*Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Wound Care are now combined in one full day

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