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Essential Training

It’s essential that everyone working within healthcare has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to deliver their role to the highest standard. This includes maintaining their skills and keeping up to date with current practice through ongoing education, training and assessment.

The ongoing requirements for our staff will include both role-specific training and areas that all healthcare staff are expected to be proficient in, such as hand hygiene. 

We offer a wide range of courses to keep staff up to date with both their statutory and essential training:

  • Statutory training – that which the Trust is legally required to provide as defined by law or where a statutory body has instructed organisations to provide training on the basis of legislation – for example fire safety training.
  • Essential training – that which is determined as essential by the Trust for safe and efficient running, to reduce organisational risks and comply with policies and government guidelines – for example therapeutic management of violence and aggression training.


Divisional/directorate requirements

All divisions, directorates and services work with the L&OD department to develop an annual essential training needs analysis and a ‘grid’ outlining the relevant training for their area. Staff should refer to their division/directorate/service grid to check and complete the essential training attached to their individual roles. Staff can also attend any of the other essential training courses offered for personal or professional development if they wish.

We offer a number of ways for staff to complete essential training, including face-to-face sessions, e-learning modules and block training. The Adult Mental Health (AMH) Inpatient Block training programme consists of a ‘block’ of essential  training sessions that are delivered on the same day, to the same cohort of staff, with the intention of saving those staff members having to attend separate training sessions on different days. The programme is refreshed annually.

Currently this programme is only available to staff working in Adult Mental Health inpatient areas within the Local Partnerships Directorate.

An established, comprehensive programme also runs for staff working at Rampton Hospital.