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About L&OD

Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s Learning and Organisational Development (L&OD) Department is a leader in healthcare education, training, learning and development. Our remit is to support learning and organisational development across Nottinghamshire Healthcare, its more than 8,800 clinical and non-clinical employees and the wider health and social care community.

The courses we offer cover personal and professional development for individuals and teams, including support for service change and transformation. We specialise in:

  • Team support and development 
  • Recovery based education and recovery expertise 
  • Peer support worker training 
  • Mental health awareness and dual approaches to physical and mental health 
  • Delivery of the National Care Certificate 
  • Therapeutic management of violence and aggression 
  • Embracing new and extended clinical roles 
  • Apprenticeships. 

We also host ImROC - Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change

Our courses are delivered from the Mike Harris Learning and Organisational Development Centre, Rampton Hospital and Duncan Macmillan House, through both formal and informal learning and development partnerships with other healthcare providers to support the very best patient care. We work with a number of education and organisational development partners including local colleges and charities, as we seek to listen, learn and collaborate for the benefit of all colleagues delivering health and social care. 


Our values and standards

The principles of the 6Cs – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment – are embedded in the ways we deliver learning and development.

We also uphold six departmental standards to ensure we deliver the best quality services, including delivering training and education that is supported, delivered and co-produced directly or indirectly with service users, and ensuring that our suite of learning and organisational development opportunities are consistently evaluated, reviewed and refreshed. Find out more here. 6 Standards.pdf [pdf] 288KB

No course fees are charged for Nottinghamshire Healthcare employees (other than professional registration and certification costs). If you would like to find out more about the work of the Learning & Organisational Development Department at Nottinghamshire Healthcare please email: